Windows 7 laptop cannot access old Canon LBP-430 printer

I got a new laptop running Windows 7, but could not get it to access my old Canon LBP-430 printer. This old laser printer served me very well over the years, and I hate to depart from it just because it is no longer supported by Windows 7. After some googling and try and error, I finally got it working as follows.

I connect the Canon LBP-430 printer to an old desktop running XP, since new laptops no longer provide printer port for old printers. I then add the printer to the desktop computer, and configure it to use HP Laserjet 4L driver. Note that although XP supports a Canon LBP-430 driver, you cannot use it if you want to access it from a Windows 7 machine.

I can then add the printer to my Windows 7 laptop as a network printer.

The “Add Printer” wizard sucks on Windows 7. If you try to add a network printer, the wizard does not allow you to choose a printer driver, nor does it accept a *.inf file for HP 4L driver, even though I found the driver file under C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\prnhp001.inf_amd64_neutral_081cf2b90ec9e6d5.


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